Britt Min • Chairman

Main responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of a long-term vision and strategy
  • Maintain contact with main stakeholders & other (faculty) organizations
  • Coordination of the board
  • Selection of the board 2021-2022
  • Committee coordination: Master Club Transport & Supply Chain, GDP

About Britt

My name is Britt Min and I am the Chairman of the 72nd board of Aureus. I just finished my Bachelor IBA at the VU, in which my enthusiasm for Aureus started. During my first year, I was in the Introduction Committee, and had a lot of fun organizing the best week of your student life! When I went to the second year of IBA, I moved from my parent’s house to my own place in Amsterdam. I also started in the committee of the European Study Trip, in which I organized another best week of my student life. We went to Athens with a group of 34 students, and this is where I met a close group of friends for the rest of my studies. After this committee, I had a short break from Aureus and went on exchange in Singapore. If you are ever in doubt of which exchange destination to choose, I would definitely recommend Singapore as it is one of the craziest cities I have ever been to. When I returned from Singapore, I applied for the Graduates Development Program as a participant, as I wanted to challenge myself again. We were planning on going to Jamaica, but unfortunately, we had to cancel the project due to Corona.

When I returned from Exchange, I started thinking about what to do after my Bachelor’s. I looked to the previous boards, and had some conversations with them, and discovered that doing a board year is the perfect combination of extending your student life for a little bit, while still challenging yourself and actually achieving something. So far, I don’t think I even realize how much I’ve already learned, but I have not regretted my choice once! Of course, this year is totally different due to Corona, but I am happy with every chance we get to organize events and still help you to meet new people and have fun while studying!

As the Chairman of Aureus, I am responsible for the coordination of the board. Also, I focus on our strategy, short-term and long-term and I keep in contact with, for example, other study associations and the board of the SBE. Furthermore, I supervise the Graduates Development Program, Master Club Supply Chain & I am a member of the Selection Committee which selects the Aureus Board of 2021-2022. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for a cup of coffee!


[email protected]