Wintersport 2018 • Terms & Conditions

Aureus Wintersport 2018 | Terms & Conditions Art. 1.1  By applying for the Aureus Wintersport, the participant can no longer refrain from and will be held to all obligations as stated below. Art. 1.2  By applying for the Aureus Wintersport, the participant agrees to pay the required deposit (Nederlands: borg). This deposit will be transfered back to the participant if no damage costs to the accommodation are made. Art. 2.1 The participant agrees to obey relevant laws and regulations of the French Republic and the European Union. Art. 2.2 The participant agrees not to undertake any activities that might harm the moral or the safety of every individual and the Study Association Aureus in general. The usage of narcotics, extensive alcohol usage and exorbitant behavior will not be allowed with any activity related to the Aureus Wintersport 2018. Art. 2.3  In the case that previous mentioned rules are not complied with, the 69th Aureus Board has the possibility to exclude the participant from the Aureus Wintersport. In addition, caused expenses as a result of this will be charged to the participant. Art. 3.1 In the case that the general terms & conditions do not cover a certain situation, a decision is made by the 69th Aureus Board. The board remains to have the right to exclude participants from any further participation as long as there is a grounded reason. All decisions made by the Aureus Board are binding. Aureus is not financially responsible for the decisions made by the board and the costs involved.