Student Opinion: President Trump

In the series Student Opinion, we address controversial matters that are currently dominating worldwide news. Students like yourself will give their opinion about these issues. Why? Just to see these matters from different perspectives and raise a discussion. Today, we discuss future president of the United States, Donald Trump…  

The last month the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States of America has been dominating the news and raised some serious debate. As it concerns the leading country in the world this will also affect many other countries.

We asked a few students what their thoughts are on Donald Trump as president of the United States.

What was the first thing that popped in to mind when you heard that Donald Trump would become president?

 “I was disappointed in the world and felt sad about the direction we will go to with Trump as president of the mightiest country in the world.” (Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, 19)

This will be huge! I’m not a Trump fan, nor a Clinton fan, but I think the Dutch people and media never gave Trump a fair chance. At the time I heard the news, I was curious to know how the Dutch media and Dutch people would react to his election.” (Business Administration student, 19)

“First, well that was unexpected. And second, there must be a hell of a lot of unhappy people (whether based on facts or through poor judgement, doesn’t really matter) in the United States to actually vote for someone like Trump. (Political Science student, 25)

 What do you think will be the biggest change that Trump will make?

“If he doesn’t do anything about climate change, that will have a major effect on the world, which we cannot reverse. I see that as the biggest change Trump will make to the world.” (Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, 19)

“I think the biggest change he will make is at a worldwide political level. Everyone can be elected, if they really want to. People now see that ‘the political elite’ is vulnerable. To be honest, I’m quite scared for this development.” (Business Administration student, 19)

“The past couple of weeks, as well as during his campaign, has learned us that Trump is nowhere a man of his word. For me, his thoughts on climate change could lead to the most important change, or more clearly, the lack of it.” (Political Science student, 25)

What would you say to Trump if you would meet him in person?

“I would ask Trump what he really thinks about all the ideas stated in his campaign. He has got to have some sort of intelligence to run his businesses. Therefore, I hope he made all those claims to gain votes.” (Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, 19)president-trump

“First of all, I would congratulate him with his victory. After that, I would ask him what drives him to do this. He’s got all the money in the world and he is famous enough. Is this only to leave a legacy? Or is this really something he wants to do to help the Americans? After that I would ask him for a round of golf (he plays regularly). I would love to beat the president!” (Business Administration student, 19)

“I would tell him nothing, but ask a lot of questions. Telling him what I think will make me feel better for a short time, but I need to know more about what he thinks, what he believes in order to formulate an effective counter voice.” (Political Science student, 25)

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