Student Jobs During a Pandemic

Finding a job in the current COVID-19 pandemic is for most a lot harder than before. The most popular student job is working at cafés and restaurants, but that is impossible at the moment. Sadly, all cafés and restaurants are closed. However, the crisis has boosted some markets, so there are still a lot of jobs out there for you to take.

Delivery Drivers

A lot of people have started to use delivery services on a daily basis. It has caused the demand for jobs in this sector to increase. A few examples of companies that need more delivery drivers are Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, and Ubereats. For some, a downside of it can be that it will be physically draining to have to ride around on your bike for the job and carrying around the bags that need to be used for keeping the food warm. There are also delivery jobs that do not require you to drive a bike. Rather, they ask you to drive around with a truck to deliver groceries. Albert Heijn and Picnic need a lot of truck drivers, so demand is not a problem. It does generally earn a few euros above minimum wage for a job with a lot of freedom if you look at working hours.

Online Tutoring

Kids in middle/high  school are having a harder time during the corona crisis so there is a lot of demand for tutors that can help these kids. Is there a class subject you excelled at in high school? Then tutoring is great to help the kids that are struggling, and you earn a nice salary as well.


Currently, the GGD is overwhelmed with work and certainly could use assistance. However, there is a way that even you can help!  You do not need to have a medical education for several jobs at the GGD. For example it is possible to be an administrative worker or work at the call center without having any medical experience. It may not be the most profitable work you can do, as it earns around or slightly above minimum wage, but it earns decently, and it certainly helps society.

Customer service 

Another great COVID-19 job is working at customer service. It is a very safe option because you will work from home, which is desirable during the pandemic. The working hours are flexible and the salary is above the minimum wage. Working at customer service also has benefits for your CV. A lot of employers see it as a good thing because it shows that you have learned to work with uncertain situations and how to respond to people that are not satisfied.


Hopefully, there is a job here that ticks one of your boxes and motivates you to earn some extra money during these hard times. Good luck!