The steps towards working abroad; how to start your career!

End of 2015 and beginning of 2016 it was finally time: searching for a graduate internship for my education Technical Business Administration. At that moment all difficult questions about the future popped up, while you already know that you will not find the answers on all questions, stress!

After thinking for a while I came to 3 requirements for my future company:

  • Preferably a large American multinational, because I would like to experience the American culture and compare it to my experience during my internship at a large German multinational.
  • Find an internship at a company which offers starter positions abroad
  • As the IT-market is growing rapidly, I thought I would be smart to choose for the IT market.

Conclusion: these requirements narrowed the search field a little, but not gigantic. After sending out many applications, many rejections and a deadline approaching I finally received a reaction from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). First I was called by the recruiter and if it went well, I would be invited for a job interview with the hiring manager. Three weeks later I received the good news – two days before the deadline of school: I was hired for a graduation internship at HPE!

After an extensive background screening I could finally sign my internship agreement and start my research focusing on the partner model of HPE. During my internship I received together with the other interns several trainings about subjects such as the product portfolio of HPE, the strategy, but also help with laying out my career path. So it was time to start thinking about the subject again: what to do after finishing my studies. This subject also passed by during my interview in which I already indicated I would be interested to work abroad. My manager informed me about the option to join the “HPE International Inside Sales Graduate Program” in Barcelona. In this program you are trained by HPE in Sales together with young peers from Europe and Africa – who wouldn’t want that?! During my internship I spoke with many (ex) participants of the program and became more and more enthusiastic. Around May – while finishing my thesis – I started thinking on how to bring up the subject to my manager, so I could apply. But before I thought out my plan, he came to me and said: “Hey Mark, did you still think about the Inside Sales Graduate Program in Barcelona? Shouldn’t we start the application process?”. After about two months of several interview rounds I received the answer on the day of my graduation: hired!!

Right now I’m working already for 8 months in Barcelona in an office with 300-400 young people between the age of 26 and 29 years old – so much fun! The first twelve weeks are focused on the “HPE Quick start Onboarding Program” in which you get to know the company and your colleagues (by drinks, dinners and party!). In the program you will receive multiple trainings varying from sales approaches to Product Portfolio, to Process and Tooling and the do/don’ts as Sales Representative. You also will receive you client set from the manager in which HPE divided the clients on levels of Small and Midsize Businesses till Global Accounts. You are together with your account team responsible for the customer and the size of the account team depends on the size of the client of course. I started working for the Financial Services Industry for commercial clients in The Netherlands – banks, insurance agencies and consultancy companies, so my team consists of two Account Managers and specialists. You learn a lot in the first few months: which tool do I use for a tender? With who should I check for discounts? And why everybody is reply so late?! Read: frustration. Till at a certain moment you are getting a sense of how everything works and you can make a contribution to your account team by finally making your first sale (!!!!) – which you obviously celebrate with a drink! After finishing the program of 2 years you will be ready to start as Field Sales or Inside Sales in the global or local IT market!

Are you looking for how to start your career? Check out the Aureus website for the HPE events and job postings, such as the internship program or the Inside Sales Graduate Program. By becoming an Aureus member you have a great start to finding your dream job! They are in close contact with international companies, such as HPE, and your first stop shop to see of all the endless possibilities.

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