Tips to stay motivated in quarantine!

The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed daily life for everyone. As a result of the pandemic, the VU is also closed like all other schools in the Netherlands. Since we are all advised to maintain the social distancing we have to stay home and create a schedule for studying at home. This can be still quite a challenge since you have to keep yourself motivated. Here we have listed some tips on how to stay motivated during quarantine!

Create a clean study space 

First of start with creating a permanent place for yourself to study. It is a great start if you have a desk in your bedroom. If you don’t have this search for a tablespace that you share with others. Then make sure it is clean, so you won’t be distracted. Collect everything you need (your laptop, books, charger, etc.) so you can stay there for a few hours without constantly walking around trying to find the things you need. By doing this you have an organized area where you can focus really well. 

Tune out distractions

We all have a mobile phone which can be very useful, but make sure to turn this off before studying to avoid messages popping up constantly. If you think you will be distracted by people in your house use headphones with your favorite music. Classical music or jazz music can especially be helpful if you want to focus, canceling out unwanted noise. 

Reward yourself 

Focusing on your study during this pandemic can be very hard. Especially since you have to do everything yourself at home without seeing any friends or professors you can ask for help. Therefore, it is key to reward yourself if you have managed to focus on your study. The reward you give yourself can really be anything. Watching a few extra episodes on Netflix, eat your favorite snack, or taking a nap for example. By treating yourself, you will reinforce your good study habit 

Set realistic goals 

When you actually start to study make sure you set clear goals for the day that you are actually able to achieve. If you plan to study for 2 hours in a row make sure to write down what you are going to do. If you don’t create a clear schedule you may lose track and lose motivation. If you also want to sport and invest time in calling someone it is not realistic to say finish the whole chapter today. Make sure to split it up into structured pieces. 

We hope with these tips you can be more motivated with studying and that you are able to keep your focus even more. If you want to read more about what to do besides studying in quarantine? Read this blog.