How to stay fit at home during quarantine!

Because all gyms are still closed or have only partially reopened, the condition and fitness of many people have deteriorated. It is important to keep your fitness a bit on track in these weird times. That’s why we’ve put together a number of workouts that will help you discover how to stay fit at home during quarantine! 


Running ensures a better condition and better health. You don’t need much to do this. If you have good running shoes and sportswear you can go. If you have dressed up, you can start your lap in the neighborhood or on your treadmill, if you have one. You can decide for yourself how long you want to run. Try to keep the same pace that you can keep for a long time, so you won’t be completely exhausted right away.

Group lessons via Youtube

Have you always been someone who liked to participate in group lessons when the gyms were opened? Then take a look at Youtube for the sport you practiced and if there are any tutorials online. If so, try participating in the video lessons and see if it works the same for you as in the gym. Participate virtually in your garden or your room! If you like, you now have a lot more space and you can do the exercises more easily. This way you can stay fit at home during quarantine!


Cycling may not be the most exhausting, but a long bike ride can certainly be considered as a sporting activity. In addition, you can see cycling as an activity to explore your city. With the bicycle, you can go to places where you are not allowed to take your car as well. That’s why it’s a really fun way to start moving.


There are numerous videos on Youtube that allow you to train all the muscle groups of the human body. For a lot of muscles, you don’t necessarily need fitness equipment to let your muscles tire and grow. Of course, this form of fitness is not optimal, but it is, in any case, a possibility.


Crossfit is a way of fitness that combines weightlifting, athletics, and gymnastics. The most important feature of Crossfit is that it is very intensive and takes place in a short period of time. You don’t necessarily need materials to do Crossfit yourself either. For example, it is possible to squat, press, and do sit-ups yourself, in combination with running. The philosophy behind CrossFit is not to specialize in a specific sports part, because this would lead to a one-sided physical development.

Pay attention to your nutrition

Last but not least! Besides the fact that exercising is very important, you should pay attention to what you eat. Make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Otherwise, there is no point in exercising at all. So take this with you and make sure you keep eating enough fruit and vegetables!

We hope that you now have an idea on how to stay fit at home during quarantine! If you don’t know exactly what one of the options is, check it out on Youtube where our Sports committee posted a workout from home. The exams are coming up again. Do you experience exam stress? Then read these tips to get rid of your stress.