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As a member of Aureus, you get access to top-notch, professional Tutoring courses at a great discount! We offer both Dutch & English classes for the most difficult courses of your program, so be sure to check out our current offers on this page.

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Courses we offer for Period 4:

  • Business Mathematics/QRM 1
  • Economics for the global era
  • Business Statistics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting 1
  • Macro-economics 1

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Aureus Tutoring Courses always include a handy booklet with a summary of the course and plenty of practice assignments. Teachers have passed the course themselves with excellent grades and are trained extensively in teaching for Aureus. Because of this, Aureus tutoring is highly appreciated by past participants.

To ensure quality and affordable tutoring that matches the courses offered by the Vrije Universiteit, Aureus works together with the School of Business and Economics. As the preferred SBE partner for tutoring, Aureus designs its tutoring courses together with the relevant university professors involved with of the course. This places Aureus in a unique position to ensure quality & offer custom-made support for students who could use some additional study time.