Services at VU

The VU is a big university that offers a lot of services. As a student you might need to use of these. But what services are there? And for what kind of things can you go to a service? We will highlight some of the services in this blog.

Academic advisor

Chances are that you have heard about the academic advisors at the VU. They assist students with study-related questions. This is very broad. Imagine you want to combine two different study programmes and you want some more information. The academic advisors are there to help! But even if you need tips for studying at home or need information on how to make a planning. You can contact the academic advisors.

Career coach

Do you still don’t know what you want to do after your studies? Make an appointment with one of the VU’s career coaches, they can help you! You can ask them questions about things like internships or possible career paths. Not only that, they can give you feedback on your cv or cover letter and help you practice for an interview. Furthermore they organize workshops about various topics that you can attend.

Student desk

The student desk is the place to go when you need practical information related to studying at the VU. If you have questions about topics like applying, registration or graduation, don’t be afraid to contact the student desk.

International office

If you are an international student, you have probably been in contact with the international office at some point. It is their goal to make the VU as accessible as possible for international students. They do this by providing information on topics relevant for international students. But they also organize and support tons of cultural activities and programmes. Finally they provide information for VU students that want to go on an exchange.

As you can read the VU offers quite some services. For more information you can look at your VUweb dashboard. Check out our other blog about creating a study environment at home.