Selection procedure

Online application

The first step of the selection process is sending your application before the deadline of 8th of April 2018, 11.59 AM to [email protected]. Please include the following documents:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter (e.g.: Why do you want to apply for a board year? What would you like to learn? Why do you think you would be a good board member?)
  • Study plan (How and when are you planning to complete your studies? Do you need to follow courses during the study year 2018/2019?)

Personality tests

In order to get some first insights about you, you will be asked to complete two tests before the first interview: The Belbin test and the Enneagram test. After you have sent in your application, we will send these to you.

First interview

The first interview is focused on your personality, motivation, general competences and team role. The results of the tests will be discussed, as well as your CV. The interview will last approximately 1,5 hours and will be conducted by two members of the selection committee.


After the first interview, you will be asked to complete two cases related to matters that could take place during a board year. These cases need to be completed and returned to the selection committee ultimately two days before the second interview.

Second interview

At the start of the second interview, you will complete a test that assesses your decision-making and planning skills. The results of this test and the cases will be discussed during the remaining time of the interview. This second interview is focused on your preferred positions within the board and the corresponding competencies. This session will be conducted by two selection committee members and will take maximum 2 hours.

On the 25th of May 2018, you will be called by the selection committee with the outcome of the selection procedure.


Testimonial Michel van Amstel - Rabobank Trainee: My board year brought me into contact with my current employer’