Spatial Transport & Environmental Economics

The following companies can be chosen for the Masters Program Spatial Transport & Environmental Economics:

Option 1: Digital Power

We believe that decisions driven by data lead to the best results. Therefore, Digital Power helps organisations, small or large corporations, to go “from data to action” and work effectively in a data-driven manner. For a business to thrive, the right data should be collected, structured and interpreted. Our team consists of specialists in Data Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics, Data Science and Data Engineering. We share our knowledge as a strategic data partner through consultancy, training, inspiration sessions and on an interim basis. A few of our clients are KLM, Nespresso, Bose, ABN AMRO and KPN. Together with our inhouse academy, we make sure our consultants will train themselves in hard skills as well as soft skills to become a great consultant.

Apart from our professional passion for data, our team enjoys playing a “friendly” game of Table football/tennis and end the week together with a Friday afternoon social gathering (Vrijmibo). Do you think you will fit our team? Feel free to save this website in your favourites and contact us after your study.

Option 2: Ecorys

Ecorys is a leading international research & consultancy company, addressing society’s key challenges for 90 years already. We help clients make decisions, build capacity to implement and communicate change, and deliver bespoke services. We offer research and analysis, strategy and policy, evaluations and monitoring, capacity building and implementation and services delivery. We do all of this for seven different sectors: Economic Growth, Social Policy, Natural Resources, Regions and Cities, Transport, Infrastructure and Mobility, Security and Justice, and Public Sector Reform. Curious about the project we’ve been working on in the past? Take a look at our website and find out!

* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the master students the company is looking for.