Management Consulting

AT Osborne

The team at AT Osborne strives to make the world around us a better, more beautiful place to live in. We leave the grandiose ideas to the dreamers – our focus is on finding practical solutions to the complex problems faced by our society. We are 100% committed to our mission. We enjoy sinking our teeth into seemingly unsolvable puzzles. We get floundering projects back on track. And we apply our expertise to resolving legal issues. We enjoy working in close collaboration with each other and with you to create a better living environment providing space for people – people like us and people like you.

We distinguish ourselves by making connections between the relevant parties, plans and practices and building an effective relationship with you. We are determined and assertive. Why? Because we know from experience that every problem has a solution. And sometimes this involves looking at day- to-day, deep-rooted practices. Our huge pool of talent puts us in a unique position to assess problems from various angles. A team of around 150 specialists is on hand to help you find the best result.

Contact Details Recruiter

Puck Kole [email protected] 035-5434343

* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the type of master students the company is looking for.