Human Resource Management

Hollands Kroon

The municipality of Hollands Kroon is one of the most progressive municipalities in the Netherlands. There are no managers, no tools to record working hours nor vacation days. Working at Hollands Kroon is almost like being an entrepreneur.

It takes some time getting used to but Hollands Kroon’s residents can digitally apply to receive a permit, have their passports home delivered, file a complaint through a special app and register childbirth from the comfort of their home. Welcome to today’s municipality.

Give your employees all the freedom, trust and space they need to make mistakes. Only then will you be able to see what they can add to your organization. That vision, to build an organization based on trust, is at the core of how HK operates. HK has only been in existence for four years but has already become one of the most innovative municipalities of The Netherlands, a municipality where employees determine where and when they work. The municipality no longer focuses on presence, days off, holidays, working hours or cost declarations. “As far as we’re concerned, that’s not what it’s about. We aim for results and personal development, which allows us to focus on talent and intrinsic motivation. It works. People are more productive; absenteeism has dropped and we’re scoring higher in terms of job fulfillment. If you’re allowed to do what you enjoy, you will get better at it. So it is a win-win situation.”

HK has radically reimagined what it means to work in municipal government. Having a more mobile workforce means that the city can better deliver services to its citizens. Hollands Kroon works with self-reliant teams who operate a result based agenda, not a time based one. It means that managers who tell you what to do are a thing of the past.

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Rebecca Strooper [email protected] 06-20360222

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