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A traineeship at ING: allow your talent to flourish

Are you considering a traineeship? ING offers promising master’s graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their talent on a traineeship within the bank: International Talent Programme (ITP). We believe that you have the talent and potential to help us turn the financial sector around, making it more sustainable and customer-centric. Expectations are high but, in return, you have the opportunity to shine. During this four-year traineeship, you’ll receive intensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you can fulfil your true potential and make a real difference at ING. Because at ING, your traineeship revolves around your development.

As a trainee at ING you can have a direct impact on the financial future of our clients. Do you also have an innovative view on banking? Think beyond borders. Jump on.

Within our four-year international traineeship, you can choose from seven different tracks:

  • Retail Banking
  • Wholesale Banking - Finance
  • Risk
  • Information Technology - Human Resources
  • Operations & Change

We are looking for

Talented master graduates who want to make a difference in financial services. We are looking for customer-oriented and result-driven candidates with a desire to become leaders within ING. Choose the track that suits you best. The ING traineeship provides a good foundation for the future. Want to know what impact you can make?

Contact Details Recruiter

William Schrier [email protected] 06-21314433


Sum of talents

KPMG is a home for talented individuals with personality. With the most diverse array of competencies. Whatever your area of interest, you will be taking on challenges for a wide range of different organizations together with your team. And resolving current and future complex issues. Keen to make a difference for companies, markets and governments that matter? Then KPMG is the place to fulfil your ambitions.

You and KPMG

In over a century we have expanded from a single office in the Netherlands to an organization with in excess of 170,000 passionate professionals across the globe, who will inspire you to get the best out of yourself. To this end, we put together the ideal combination of talented individuals for each and every project. Right from day one you will be a fully fledged part of the team, discussing matters with decision-makers. In a culture in which we all pull our weight, effect changes and celebrate successes.

Welcome to KPMG

Are you a student or new worker with big plans? Then start your career at KPMG Audit. In Audit, you will start out as a trainee and immediately be involved with the most diverse array of customers. Together with your team, you will help to create value by explaining the story behind the figures. You will always be involved in varying teams on different projects. Whatever your choice, no two days will be the same. You will be given intensive on-the-job training from experienced colleagues and follow training and courses at our expense.

What you’ll be working for

At KPMG you will be working with and for the most diverse array of organizations. From multinationals to companies and financial institutions. You will always be teaming up with a company that suits your ambitions. Whoever you are working for, you will strive to achieve the best possible result. In collaboration with the customer and your colleagues, proceeding from your strength in strategic and analytical thinking. The confidence you exude will be the basis of a long- term partnership with our clients. In which every innovation is sustainable and improvement is a continuous process. With results you will look back on proudly at a later date

Contact Details Recruiter

Marije van der Velden [email protected]

* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the type of master students the company is looking for.