Management Consulting

The following companies can be chosen for the Masters Program Management Consulting:

Alpha Consulting

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting is a leading global provider of specialist consultancy services to the asset and wealth management industry. It has the largest dedicated team in the industry, with over 360 consultants globally, operating from ten offices spanning the UK, Europe, the US and Asia.

Since it was founded in 2003, Alpha has enjoyed substantial growth, driven principally by strong demand for its established service and product offering. What does Alpha do? In a fluctuating landscape of consolidation, digitisation, shrinking margins and automation, Alpha helps asset and wealth managers think smarter and shape their business for the future.

As a young and rapidly growing company at Alpha, we highly value ambition, drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the master students the company is looking for.