Accounting & Control

The following companies can be chosen for the Masters Program Accounting & Control:

Option 1: EY

At EY, we look beyond the figures and results of a company or organization.our international purpose is: ‘Building a better working world’. By this, we mean that we do not only want to contribute to the business of our customers, but also to the role they play in their environment and therefore to a better working world.

We do this primarily by asking the right questions. Because of the better the question, the better the answer. And the better the answer, the better the world works. Every EY employee, at every location in our organization, plays a role in this. Every advice, every administrative check, every contact with a customer, a colleague or the outside world contributes to that higher goal.

Many of our clients are large international companies. To provide them with the best possible service, we have an international structure and we work on the basis of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. Within your team, you have access to support and expertise of colleagues around the world in more than 150 countries.

With 230.000 employees worldwide, EY is a leader in Assurance, Tax, Transactions, Advisory and Financial Services. Specialists who are becoming increasingly important. In this way is the reliable financial information invaluable for businesses, managers and supervisors.

Option 2: PWC

At PWC we would like to contribute to the trust in society and we would like to solve important problems. We are active in 158 countries and we are having more than 250.000 employees. More than 5.000 people work together at PwC in the Netherlands. We see it as our task to deliver quality in the field of assurance, tax and advisory services. PwC wants to contribute to the trust in society and wants to solve important problems. That is our ‘goal’. This is the touchstone for the things we do or want to do. We communicate our purpose internally and externally and enter into dialogue with our stakeholders. They ultimately determine if we deliver on this.

Assurance Assurance focuses on checking data and processes and provides assurance with that. The majority of our Assurance practise consists of auditing annual accounts. A smaller part of Assurance is concerned with providing assurance with regard to processes and numerical (non-financial) data and with advice on accounting issues.

* In the information booklet provided on the Masterday you can find more details about the companies, e.g. the master students the company is looking for.