Are you ready to organise Amsterdam’s biggest career event?

The Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen (ACD) is one of the biggest career events in Amsterdam. Last year, around 70 companies participated and 1500students visited the event. Do you want to further develop yourself and organize the ACD of 2020? Then read further, because Lotte Nelson will tell you all about her experiences as a member of the ACD committee of 2017.

Why did you apply for the ACD committee in the first place?

After being an active member at Aureus during my bachelor, I already gained quite some experience in different functions. Now I decided that it was time to join a golden committee and organize a big career event, so the ACD committee it was.

What kind of functions can you fulfil within the ACD?

Four people are responsible for the acquisition. One person is responsible for the online promotion and one person for the offline promotion. Furthermore, we have a controller and a chairman.

Which function do you have and do you enjoy it?

I am responsible for the acquisition. I am really happy with this function and I think it suits my personality well.

What are the daily tasks of the ACD committee?

The daily tasks differ throughout the year. During April and May, we developed this year’s policy (beleidsplan ACD 2017). The acquisition started to create a list with possible companies to approach, the controller set the budget and the promotion created a promotional strategy.

After that, acquisition started to call the companies. This took a lot of time. The acquisition period lasted from the end of June till the end of November. During this period, the promotion team created the promotion video and developed the website and promotion material.

In January, we have to keep in close contact with the companies to make sure everybody is satisfied as we start with the promotion in February. The promotion will take one month.

What are your specific tasks, related to your function?

  • Approaching companies (CALL CALL CALL)
  • Keep in touch with the companies who will join us during the ACD 2017
  • Make sure that companies deliver their promotional material on time
  • Make sure that all companies are satisfied

What was the best moment you have had with your committee so far?

The best moment, was the moment that we had enough companies joining us during the ACD and that we made sure that we could do all the promotion we wanted to do.

What is the craziest thing you experienced while approaching companies?

It usually takes a lot of time to make sure that companies will join us during the ACD. One of the recruiters that I tried to approach did not answer the phone, so I sent an email to schedule an appointment to call. The recruiter left me a voicemail saying that they wanted to join the event and already knew which package they wanted to take. This was very strange as this process usually takes weeks.

How much time do you spend on the ACD?

This differs every week, but mostly around 15 hours per week. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

What have you learned so far?

One of the lessons I have learned is to work with a lot of different people. Everybody works in a different way and that is not always easy to deal with. For example, I am very organized and like to make clear schedules, but there are also many people who are more chaotic. I found this difference difficult in the beginning, but now I have learned to cooperate with them.

How is this experience going to help you in the long term?

The ACD committee will help you develop yourself in many different ways, which is certainly valuable for your future career.

How much greater did your network become?

A lot greater! I have the contact details from over 21 different recruiters and also met many new people through Sefa.

If the ACD committee would be an animal, which animal would it be?

An elephant. I really like and love elephants and I really like and love my committee.

Why should everyone apply for the ACD committee?

It is an experience in which you can develop yourself in ways that I did not even think about. Besides that, there will be ups-and-downs, but you will learn to push through. And above all, it is a lot of fun and you will make new friends for life!

Are you interested in joining this committee? Click here for more information and application.