How do I prepare for a job interview?

First, work on answers to the most common interview questions. The “tell me about yourself” or “talk me through your CV” questions are normally asked to ease you in, so make sure you’re ready for them.

Second, read through the job advertisement carefully. This will give you an overview over the personal qualities the organization is looking for, and might also enables you to come up with examples which illustrate your qualities in these areas. The interviewer will essentially be interested in how you will fit with the actual position.

Third, be prepared to defend your previous life choices. What was your motivation for starting your current or completed education? This will be a good opportunity for you to further exemplify who you are as a person.

Forth, research the company, paying attention to news stories, their website and strategic plans. See if you can also speak to someone in your network who works or has worked there.

Last, dress appropriately.