Bachelor in the pocket! What to do next?

No matter what study you are doing, what student life you had, or how long your student life lasted, we will all eventually come to the question of, “What do I want to do next?” This question may make you sweat, but wait!… There are plenty of options! We want to help ease your mind about some possible options for post-study life.  


In today’s day in age, going into a masters program post-study can have a lot of long-term advantages. With so many masters programs, you can refine your study and, “specialize,” so to say. When you are debating going straight into a masters post-study, you have the benefits of still being in the study mindset. A lot of people argue that once you leave your student life, it is a hard adjustment to re-enter because, with a career, you immediately become more independent and start a new chapter of life.

Another plus of entering into a master post-study is the professional advantages. Many programs intertwine work and study by having students engage in real-world projects with companies. That means you have direct contact with these companies that see your work first hand – Talk about a way to develop your network while gaining a degree!

Many masters programs, specifically in Europe, are only one year and have incentives to enter into them post-study. Looking into the entry opportunities that exist post-study would be beneficial. Besides gaining a solid element to your CV, studying a master would allow you to travel abroad if you choose. This means you can take advantages of things like student housing, financing, and life!

Gap Year

When choosing the option of a gap year, there is quite a bit to consider. Where will you go? Will you go alone? How long should your gap year take? These are all questions you should be answering as you plan your year. One idea of a gap year option could be a service project. A service project is a great way to utilize your time of a gap year while giving back. With a quick google search, all the opportunities for a service program will open up to you from every corner of the world! If you thought about developing your language skills, working in an impoverished area where English is not the main language is a great way to do so. If you opt for a more local service approach, you can sense the satisfaction of helping your home area. All in all, the options for service programs span far and wide, so why not look into it!

Another popular adventure for a gap year is the option of backpacking. With backpacking culture at an all-time high at the moment, now is the time to take advantage of this option if it fits in your budget. A lot of the most popular destinations might cost a bit to get there, but once you are, many have an extremely low cost of living. Some of these options are Thailand, Sri Lanka and Belize! These exotic destinations are just a few of the many options of backpacking countries available.


A very proactive option in terms of career, an internship for post-study life might be the right choice for you! Internships typically last between 8-week program and 6-month programs, but of course, a lot of options exist. If you are lucky, some internships offer paid salaries. Other advantages include developing a network, gaining work experience and exploring industries. Post-study, there are so many directions you can go but getting an internship can give you a taste of what it would be like working in a specific industry or company.

When looking into internships, have you ever considered venturing abroad? A lot of opportunities are available, especially for those who speak multiple languages. Participating in an internship abroad kills two birds with one stone in terms of getting international and professional experience.

In the same sphere of internships, there is the option of doing a board year at a study association. Doing this, after your bachelor, gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons in terms of career while enjoying a bit more of student life. Be expecting more blogs about this topic and the opportunities that are open to you!

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