How to overcome procrastination?

Ever found yourself at 2 AM struggling to complete an assignment that is due the next morning, after having wasted your whole day? You might be a procrastinator: a person who habitually puts off doing things – like work or studying. Procrastinating has some short-term psychological benefits, but can be dangerous in the long run. That’s why it’s better to do something about it now, especially with the exams coming up in only a few weeks. Read this blog to find out how to overcome procrastination!

Why do we procrastinate?

Procrastination is not just a lack of self-control or time management, it is linked to our brain structure. Some people are more likely to procrastinate than others, think of perfectionists who keep their expectations so high they get overwhelmed by the fear of failing. For the rest of us, however, it can be just as hard. We live in a society with so many distractions and things going on, we start multitasking and juggling between work, social life and study. 

Putting off unpleasant tasks and distracting yourself from all the work you still have to do is a lot easier than actually getting started. Thereby, the more work you avoid doing, the harder it gets to complete everything in time. Fear builds up and you end up being so overwhelmed by the huge pile of work. 

How to overcome procrastination?

Fortunately, the brain is not fixed, it’s not too late to change your patterns. Procrastination is a bad habit that will take some time to unlearn, but it’s not impossible. Maybe these tips can be useful:

  • In case you don’t already, it’s very useful to make a good study plan and manage your time more efficiently. This way you will be prepared for the amount of work each task will take and you’ll be less likely to under or overestimate tasks. Reward yourself for completing tasks on time and notice how satisfying it can be.
  • Another way to help overcome avoiding studying is to get a study buddy. Ask a friend to study together. You can motivate each other, it’s great! Just make sure you actually do the work and not end up distracting each other. It might be smart to find a study spot at the university or a library to study.
  • Instead of getting overwhelmed by huge tasks try to divide those into smaller tasks. Don’t study ten chapters at once but take it one or two chapters at a time. Take breaks and minimize distractions. 
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t work out right away. You’re unlearning a habit, so it’s normal if it doesn’t happen overnight. Be gentle with yourself and forgive your past procrastinating behavior.
  • Regulate your emotions through meditation and mindfulness. Take care of your body and mind. Get enough rest and eat a healthy balanced diet, for optimal study results.

Hopefully, now that you know how to overcome procrastination, you are ready to start revising for your upcoming exams. If you want to procrastinate some more and learn about mindset, you should check out this blog!