The Master Pitches • What Master to Do?!

For some of you, choosing a Master programme may seem very far away. But mind my words, time flies! You can never orientate yourself too soon. Have you missed the Masterday in March, or are you just curious what the VU has to offer? Read on, as we are pitching the SBE Master degree programmes for you below, and get inspired!


Accounting and Control

“Serious games need good score keeping”

Are you not put off by numbers? And do you see yourself as a financial manager or controller in major organizations? Then this programme might be the right one for you. This master ensures that you are able to provide organizations with reliable systems for generating financial information that is relevant to managers, investors and other stakeholders.

Digital Business and Innovation

“Meet the business challenges of the digital age”

Have you always had a curious mind when it comes to digital innovations? Do businesses like Uber and Airbnb catch your interest? Then this could be the right master for you. In this programme, you will develop yourself as an academic practitioner, combining intellectual rigor and hands-on experience, ready to shape the future!

Business in Society

“Understanding the challenges of Business in society”

Do you have a desire to become a leader in tomorrow’s business research? And are you interested in following a joint programme? Then you should check out at this master. This programme is a joint effort of the Amsterdam Business School, Uva and SBE. It addresses the complicated relationships between business and society, as can be seen in major challenges e.g. the financial crisis and the need for sustainability.


“Can you compute the price of Google?”

Interested in financial matters that touch upon all aspects of the modern economy? And are you ready to face the complex challenges of the financial world? If so, this master might be a great choice for you. This top-rated programme moreover allows you to shape your own curriculum, as 60% of the coursework is elective.


“Prove yourself where it matters: at the heart of the business world”

Wondering which sales and product strategy international companies like FrieslandCampina should adopt in different countries? And do you want to make a genuine difference in the field of marketing? If so, take a look at the best Master’s programme in Marketing in the Netherlands. During this master you will tackle the most pressuring marketing issues and be taught by leading experts.


“Turn opportunities into action”

Thinking about setting up your own business or joining an entrepreneurial organization? Check out this joint programme by the VU and UvA and get prepared for a challenging career. During this exciting programme you will dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship.

International Management

“Develop yourself into a global business leader”

Wondering how globalization and its international context affects all business aspects and how you could manage this effectively? If so, this master might be a great choice for you. This programme combines the latest theory of international management with practical applications and develops your understanding how to use the global environment to make businesses succeed.

Financial Management

Do you have the ambition to become a new-generation CFO? Then check out this master programme. Clear decision-making and financial insight are of great importance in the business world. This master ensures you that you get the grips of the key areas in financial management.

Master student: “During my master in Finance, I significantly improved my numerical, analytical and case solving skills, which is the perfect preparation for a future job in for example M&A, strategy consulting or trading.

Human Resource Management

“Mobilising people”

Are you a good motivator and communicator? And are you triggered by questions like ‘In which ways can individual performance contribute to organizational performance in today’s diverse workforce and across different markets?’ Then this could be the right master for you. This master helps you to develop skills needed to mobilize employees in ever-changing organizational environments.

Leadership and Change Management

“A compass for change adventures”

Do you have the Barack Obama mentality: “Yes, we can”? And are you an original thinker? Then this programme might be the right one for you. During the master you will learn about the complexities of strategic interventions from different perspectives and in various settings. Develop yourself to become the frontrunner, and therefore leader, of change!

Transport and Supply Chain Management

“Manage, analyze and improve”

Interested in a master with broad and excellent career prospects? And are you eager to learn more about supply chain and transportation networks? This programme offers you courses in both transport economics as in supply chain management, which is a unique combination in Europe! It combines the firm and the societal perspective and makes you understand the interaction between those two.


“Solving the challenges of tomorrow”

Do you see yourself as a professional economist and are you ready to deal with important economic issues? Take a look at the various specializations in Economics. These programmes deal with the essentials of economic theory and data analysis and teach you how to apply them to everyday economic problems.

Management Consulting

“Combine consulting with an academic mindset”

Do you have a great time-management, a good judgment and are you a team player? Maybe consultancy is the right career path for you. Being a consultant means having the crucial role to help organizations find answers to often difficult questions and guide them during implementation. Ready to start a consulting career? This programme gives you all the experiences, skills and theories you need.

Strategy and Organization

“Competing in dynamic markets”

Do you have a critical mind? And are you interested in questions such as, ‘how can companies formulate and implement a strategy that allows them to remain competitive in a dynamic market?’ If so, this could be the right programme for you. This programme challenges you to rethink the way organizations strategically manage their boundaries and trains you to become an expert in managing strategic and organizational challenges.

Spatial, Transport, and Environmental Economics

“Tackle problems of cities, transport and the environment from an economic viewpoint”

Interested in the areas of transport, environment, and urban issues? Check out this master programme. As the slogan mentions, this programme teaches you to tackle problems from three areas from an economic viewpoint and to translate these problems into clear-cut policy advice. What makes this master even more interesting is that the VU is the only university offering this specific study worldwide!  

Still not so sure which Master programme suits you best? Then maybe visiting a company in your field of interest could give you some more insights. Check out the company events on the Aureus website!