Quirijn Bolle decided to bring change to the misfit that is, in his opinion, the food industry, and established Marqt in 2008. Marqt’s objective is different: it’s not about the money, but about real food with respect for people, animals and the environment. Marqt currently boasts branches in 14 different locations.

Nowadays, the food industry revolves around creating shareholder value, which is expressed in cash. In order to make food cheaper, various ingredients are added such as sugars, salt, caffeine, nicotine and grease. Nearly all supermarkets offer the same range of products, so they are continually fighting, trying to have the cheapest product range. This has a negative impact on animal welfare, the environment and consumer health. Also, many consumers consider the food to be too expensive because they cannot afford it.

This is dangerous, as it causes supermarkets to try to lower their prices further and further in a downward spiral that is hard to break. By founding Marqt, I have tried to show that there are many suppliers who use sustainable production methods and that there are customers who are looking for ‘real’ food. Besides that, we have established our chain in such a way that the benefits and burdens are shared equally. In this way, money becomes a medium of exchange again instead of an achievement. I feel like I am doing something that makes sense. Everybody in this company is motivated to take a part in that. That is the power of Marqt.

What is your view on the ideal concept of humanity?
To me, the ideal concept of humanity has to do with intangible value. We live in a hasty society in which we only think in terms of efficiency. That is a skewed worldview, because efficiency is not the same as effectiveness. For example, cheese is being made more ‘efficiently’ by adding all sorts of E-numbers to it. But that is not efficiency – that is just fabricating a different, cheaper product. A more ideal situation would be to make products with more appreciation, acceptance and tranquillity, without running after money.

How is Marqt influencing this ideal concept?
By remaining faithful to our view of this ideal concept and what we believe it means for the way in which companies should operate. For us, that means making specific choices in products, offering benefits to our employees, providing our customers with great service and building relationships with them. In this way we try to create value and distribute it fairly. We are proof that it is possible to achieve this without shareholders taking up the profit. Remaining focused on our target is essential. We will not allow this view to become muddled by money.