Marketing Officer • Maxime Boelen

Main Responsibilities • Responsible for all on- and offline promotional communication • Creating the strategic positioning and segmentation of our brand • Managing, planning and creating promotional content • Supporting committees with their promotional activities • Committee coordination: Almanac, Blog Committee, Graduates Development Program, Marketing Team

About Maxime I've always been involved with Aureus since the start of my bachelor in Business Administration. At first by joining the Sports Committee with which I organized an amazing wintersports to Saint François Longchamps and we were in charge of the Batavierenrace (a relay-race from Nijmegen to Enschede). After that, I joined my second committee, the Bachelor Club Business Administration. I became chairman of the committee, which challenged me a lot and I definitely learned how to be the leader of a team. During this year we organized a variety of events for Business Administration students, for example a weekend trip to Antwerpen and an inhouse day at ING. My third committee was the Aureus Business Month, a career event for third year bachelor students and master students. It was a great experience to be responsible for a big career event and to get in contact with big companies. The last committee I joined within Aureus is the Graduates Development Program. Within this program, we raised money in order to help local entrepreneurs in a developing country. We went to Hout Bay, South-Africa, for three weeks and the whole community was very happy with our help!

After four committees I was ready for the last step within Aureus, a board year. I'm looking forward to this year and to take myself and the association to a next level.

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