Magnus Red • Agile Campsite Workshop

What does your ideal campsite look like? What steps would you take to design it?

In this workshop you’ll learn about today’s most common practices for (mostly software, but also marketing and sales) development, Agile Scrum, and how to apply it when designing the perfect campsite! Agile is a way of thinking, working, and organizing that is practiced by both small and large organizations. It allows them to respond quickly and effectively to the continuously changing environment. Scrum is a practical Agile framework that enables teams to work on these complex adaptive problems in a productive and creative way. 

In this interactive online workshop we will work in Miro. A platform that facilitates online collaboration. This way you will get to know a new tool as well! After getting to know each other, we will explain the basics of the Agile way of working and the Scrum framework, including the team roles and Scrum events, and how to work Agile Scrum remotely and which tools to use for this. Next, you will be divided into groups and get to work. You will apply the theory of Agile and Scrum and remote working while formulating a product vision, creating a product backlog, and designing your dream campsite! Will you beat the campsite designs from past workshops?

Do you want to know more about Magnus Red? Explore their company profile or visit!   When: November 11th from 13:00-15:00 Where: Online Who: Master students with an interest in management consulting and/or digital transformations Application deadline: November 30th  

If you are interested apply via the form below:

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