Why this lustrum year is special

The Blog Team is back and ready to report! This year will be a special year because Aureus and the School of Business and Economics are celebrating their lustrum. We are very excited to share the happenings of our lustrum year and we will enlighten you with our blogs. In this article, we will tell you why this year is special for you and what you can expect from the Blog Team.


Our study association was founded in October 1948, together with the School of Business and Economics. A lustrum is a special anniversary every 5 years and is nonexistent without a suitable theme. This year’s theme is LuXX, which comes from ‘lux’, meaning light in Latin. Besides, ‘LXX’ stands for 70 in Roman numbers and we’re celebrating our 70th birthday this year.

A lustrum year means that every event that we have will be bigger and better than before! Additionally, on the 22nd of November, we will organize our LuXX Lustrum Edition of VUSE. Also, this event is bigger & better than before. We’re bringing you two stages with famous Dutch artists, such as Ronnie Flex and Mesto.

Personal Talk • ‘Why is this lustrum year special for you?’

I’m Maxime Boelen, the Marketing Officer of the 70th board of Aureus. I’m a member of Aureus since the beginning of my student life at the Vrije Universiteit, which is three years ago. This means that I’ve never experienced a lustrum year before. For me as a board member, it’s even more exciting what this year will bring. We have the possibility to do something extra for all members, stakeholders and the SBE. Especially as Marketing Officer I get the opportunity to think out of the box and bring those ideas into reality to make this year more special. One of my first tasks as Marketing Officer was to create our lustrum theme. This was an honor and very special for me because the lustrum theme returns throughout the year and the theme is really important for the success of the lustrum year. For the rest of the year, I’m looking forward to being part of the 14th lustrum and of course, I can’t wait to see Ronnie Flex!

Blog Team

Now that you know a little more about our lustrum, we will explain what you can expect from the Blog Team this year. We will bring you the best insights on the following three pillars: study, student life, and career.

The blogs revolving around study will give tips to improve your overall study experience here at the VU, specifically with help of Aureus. Tips about the exchange and much more will be coming your way very soon.

Next to your study, we will give you some career-insights for your time after the School of Business and Economics. Keep an eye open as we have a few interviews in the making which will be relevant for you as a business student.

Lastly, you are enjoying your student life right now, but we will give you extra tips & tricks to make the most out of it. Besides, we as the Blog Team take pride in our diverse backgrounds. Therefore, we will share some recipes from both our different cultures and the Dutch culture.

In short, this lustrum year will have a new take on the blog and we will try to give you lustrous insights and tips this year!

Do you want to be part of our lustrum? Then enlighten yourself by joining the LuXX Edition of VUSE!

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