Everyone’s business journey is different and takes another form. And because of that it makes it also very interesting. Kimberley Kensicki works at L’Oréal as a Product and a Trade Marketing Manager in the Luxury Department of L’Oréal Germany. She started in March 2014 and is working on the brands BIOTHERM and Helena Rubinstein. L’Oréal is the world market leader in the beauty business.

What is the strength of L’Oréal?

In my opinion we’re successful because L’Oréal really has one focus: beauty. Everything we do is for and about beauty, from the outside as well as from the inside. The overall mission and vision of L’Oréal is to offer beauty for everyone. We operate in 130 countries and we have 28 international brands in our portfolio. Furthermore, we have the sustainability commitment to make beauty sustainable and make sustainability beautiful. We really put our entire heart, all our thoughts and efforts in this overall vision. I think this focused business is a real strength.

Another strength of L’Oréal is, of course, its employees; passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, open-mindedness and quest for excellence are the values that are to be expressed in the things we do every day. I think L’Oréal employees are motivated intrinsically to always strive for the values I just mentioned. Furthermore, research and innovation are key elements in the success of L’Oréal.
People and innovation will always be at the heart of the success of L’Oréal.

Are there opportunities to combine traveling and working for L’Oréal?

L’Oréal offers expat programs with all other L’Oréal offices worldwide. The most common way is to go to Paris and work in product development. But you can also fill a position on brand level in another country. The requirement is that you can contribute something to the team in that country. Of course the positions in Paris are limited and highly desired. The competition is tough, but if you really want it and work for it, L’Oréal will support you. So yes, there are numerous possibilities to create individual and exciting business journeys.

According to you, what is the golden tip to experience the ultimate business journey?

Personally, I don’t know if there is a golden rule; I think we all have individual journeys because we’re all different, with different skills, interests and ambitions. But in general it is important to have a clear image in your head as to where you want to be in the future. Really ask yourself what your career should look like. Then communicate it to your superiors and to Human Resources. Be clear in what you want, then L’Oréal will be able to create your individual and “perfect” business journey.

What is your “next destination” in your business journey?

Even though I have been working for L’Oréal for only 20 months I feel like it has been years already. But my dream would be to go to an English speaking country, maybe work for one of our US brands (for example Kiehl’s or Urban Decay) and give my creativity more space. But for now I am working to develop further in product marketing and get responsibilities for a bigger brand.