How to spend the summer of 2020?

The summer holidays are coming up, and hopefully, we can enjoy the nice weather. At least the terraces are already open to enjoy a drink together with a friend. Travelling will look different this holiday, and it is not yet clear if it is responsible to travel and to which destinations this will be possible. That is why we will discuss in this blog how you can experience a wonderful summer here in the Netherlands!

A summer with friends

It has been nice weather in the Netherlands for weeks, and let’s hope that after these few days with rain it will be as beautiful again. This way we can enjoy the beautiful weather in the summer as we have done the last few weeks. We are allowed to sit with several friends in a park at 1.5 meters, so you can think of a picnic together. With the sun it is also nice to go for a walk on the beach or have dinner or a drink on the beach. You can also invite your friends to your balcony or in the garden and make it a pleasant evening together, for example by barbecuing together or ordering something in.

A summer to remember 

I think we all would have liked to catch a plane as soon as possible after the academic year to a wonderful holiday destination. This year the summer will look different, and we will not be able to travel like we always have. Luckily we can have a great summer here in the Netherlands, and if you read on you will find out how it can still be a great memorable summer! Did you know that last year more than a quarter of the Dutch stayed at home? A summer with nice weather in the Netherlands plays an important role in this, let’s hope the sun will continue to shine this year as well. Finally, keep a photo diary of all the fun things you’re doing this summer and paste them into a nice album. Because the summer of 2020 is one to remember.

A summer without festivals?!

That really sucks… your tickets were probably already in your mailbox waiting for this year’s summer festivals. Unfortunately, we can’t all enjoy big events this year, but next year we hope to go to extra festivals again! But what can you do this summer? We should all try to stay within 1.5 meters of each other. As long as you keep this distance, you can meet up with friends. Think about having a drink with someone in the garden or on a balcony. Make it a party yourself with tasty snacks and good music. Or if you prefer to stay at home, you can video call with all your friends at the same time. By being creative you can make it a great night, grab a drink or play games with each other. But to really replace the festivals, an alternative has come from artists, festivals and organizations. There will be live streams this summer so you can still make a party of it at home.

A summer body

Have you lost your motivation for a summer body this year? Because you are not sure if you will be in your swimwear somewhere this summer? Then you’ve got it all wrong! This is the perfect time to keep yourself sporty.  Now you have time to enjoy yourself instead of sitting at home all day. Take a breath of fresh air, for example by cycling, walking or jogging. Climb on your old familiar bike, and find a route that takes you past a lot of nature.
What to do on a beautiful summer’s day? There are a lot of workouts possible at home, where no equipment is needed! Online you can find many videos of training sessions. Think for example of a Hiit (High-intensity interval training), in which a short workout and quick bursts of energy with fast rest periods are given. That means you will be finished within 30 minutes.

An educational summer

This year we won’t be able to travel much and will have more free time than usual. You can use this time to learn something you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had the time for. Go learn something new, preferably something to do with the summer. Learn salsa dancing, take an ice cream making course or go surfing. Online there are many opportunities to learn everything: a language, a profession, courses on personal development, and health & nutrition.
This can also be for example study-related. There are many online courses of professors, in which the lectures consist of a series of short films: most of them are no longer than ten minutes.

We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, and that you can spend the summer together. If you want to find out what else you can do at home, here you can find a list of activities to do at home.