How to find your way at the VU?

This year we can finally attend more and more offline activities and classes at the VU! Fewer zoom sessions, and more physical classes and working groups on the big campus. But can you find the right room in this big building? In this blog we will explain it to you, so you never have to be late for your class!

At your VU-account or on Canvas, you can find the number of the room you have to be in to attend the class. This is a mix of numbers and letters. For example: HG-09A33. Let’s figure out what this mixture stands for!

• HG: the first two letters of the room number stand for the building you have to be in. HG is the main building.

• 09: the first two number after the letters, shows us which floor you have to be on. 01 for example, is the first floor, and 09 is the ninth. If you don’t know how to get to this floor? No worries! There is often an operator at the elevators who can show you the way!

• A: this letter stands for the wing of the building. For example, the main building has several wings which are named with a letter

• 33: last but not least, you have the number of the room you have to be in. 33 in this case, stands for room 33 in wing A, level 09 at the main building.

As you can see there is a simple and logical structure in the numbering of the rooms on the campus. And the best thing? Most of the VU-buildings work this way! Still can’t find the room you have to be in? Just ask one of the employees at the VU, they are there to help you!

And don’t forget to visit the new NU-building! This architectural masterpiece is made as sustainable as possible and is worth a walkaround. And if you want to relieve some stress and get social with other students, just get some coffee in the cool atrium and ground level!

Let’s hope the COVID virus will reduce in impact soon, so we don’t have to attend any online meetings in the future. And remember, for a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, or just a place to relax, you are always welcome in our Aureus room! (HG-08A31).

Map of the VU campus