Highlights of the Year!

Well that’s a wrap! Another year of Uni with many highlights has come and gone. What was the year like for you? Whether you spent it exploring the city, organizing events for Aureus, or studying away, we can all agree it was a great year. Many memories were made and we wanted to give a few shout outs to some of them. And do not worry if you missed out on any of them from this year, because next years events will be around the corner!

Committee Member Weekend

What a weekend! This was definitely one to remember. Our favorite group of committee members went on route to a farm outside of Tilburg. This farm was filled with everything you would expect: cows, chickens, goats and of course… beer! We spent the weekend bonding with outdoor games like volleyball, soccer and even laser tag! We ended the day with a spirited movie themed party. Which committee do you think won? Was it the athletic winter sports, 50 shades of Bachelor Club IBA, or Grease inspired Blog committee? No matter who the winner was, we all had a blast on the farm and a bond that carried us through the year to come!


This historic event occurred at Priorij Corsendonk, a regal and stately castle in Belgium. The women were dressed in their most elegant dresses and the men suited up in white tie. When we arrived at the location, everyone dressed up and made their way through the courtyard to the castle. We wined and dined on a 3 course meal fit for kings, and of course ample wine pairings. After dinner, we descended down to the dance floor where we danced the night away into the morning.

Bachelor Trips

Every year, the bachelor club committees organize an international trip for a group of the students in the program. This year, the bachelor students went to Hamburg and Paris. These trips were filled of partying and exploring the new cities. In addition to going out and touring the cities, both groups visited companies and made some valuable connections. These trips were great ways to get closer with your friends but also to meet new people in your study! Want to join next year? Keep your eyes peeled when the applications open because spots go fast!

A New Coördinator

The past year also saw some changes in SBE staff. Most notably, the former IBA coordinator, Mirella Kleijnen said goodbye to her position. She will continue to be involved in education through her new position in the SBE board. Brian Tjemkes, head of the Strategy and Organization section of the SBE will be filling her position as the new coordinator of IBA. We are curious to see what changes this development will lead to in the coming years!

New University Building

This year, the newest addition to the VU campus has really taken shape. Set to open in the beginning of next year, the yet unnamed ‘New University Building’ will prioritize multifunctionality. Research, teaching and the cultural program of De Griffioen will be combined in the same rooms, allowing you to watch a movie in the evening in the same room where lectures are given during the day. In addition, the New University Building is designed to be very sustainable and will receive the Breeam Excellent rating. The first floor of the building will include a library which we love because you can never have enough study spots.

End of the Year BBQ

This academic year was officially concluded at the end of the year BBQ, hosted in the tuinzaal at the VU. Here both staff and students enjoyed the last moments of the year in the sun, with good food and cold drinks. Many bachelor students attended the BBQ this year, which was organized by Aureus and as the sun set over the campus, everyone said each other goodbye. We look forward to seeing everyone again in September!

We hope to have brought to light some of the significant events this year. Where will you be in your study next year? Whether you are graduated, writing your thesis, or still studying, there is always a way to enjoy your life here in Amsterdam with Aureus. In the meantime, try to enjoy your summer and maybe check out some budget friendly ways to travel with our Blog about it!