Halloween Party

So, Halloween’s over and everybody is already getting ready for Christmas, but don’t think Aureus was going to miss out on a Halloween party! Just after Halloween, on the 3rd of November, Aureus held a Halloween open drink party for all Aureus members. 

It was hosted in two bars, Surprise Bar and De Kleine Cooldown, just off Leidseplein, with Surprise Bar having discounted prices. The event was organized by the Bachelor clubs, meaning the individual committees for IBA, EBE and BA, and they definitely didn’t upset. The bars both had a capacity of 150 people each, allowing plenty of people to join Aureus celebrating Halloween. Both bars were filled relatively quickly, and the vibes were on point. Everybody was dressed up in great costumes, potentially due to the costume competition where the winner received a 15€ voucher for the bar, which was won by two people, one person in a pharaoh costume and another drenched in blood with beautiful makeup.

The party had everything from Grey Goose boats to Squid game remix and every costume imaginable. Football fans know, Wednesday nights most often means Champions League. Although Ajax were playing that night, even the biggest fans rather attended the Halloween party. But this didn’t mean you couldn’t celebrate them winning. When news broke that the final whistle had been blown and Ajax won 2-1, both bars erupted with all the famous ajax songs and chants being sung, creating an incredible atmosphere for fans of Ajax and people not interested in football.

Events like this are great for catching up with fellow committee members in an informal environment, getting to know new people and having a great time while fully submerging into the community feeling. Speaking from experience, open drinks like the Halloween party are definitely nights to remember. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events, especially now with the new measurements, on the events page of the Aureus website and don’t miss out on getting a taste of what being an Aureus member really can be!

For all upcoming events check out this page: https://www.aureus.nl/events/