Panama 2016

The Graduates Development Program of 2016 went to Panama to help local tribes develop their business. The experience with the group was great and we had a lot of fun. We learned a lot from the context in which we had to operate. We had a short period of time and difficulties with the language. In addition, there were a lot of existing hierarchies within the tribe, so we had to be very careful. But the best thing is to see the smile on the faces of the tribes in the end and to hear that they still use the things we have come up with, a couple of years later.

The team mainly helped the tribes with marketing purposes. They made a WordPress website for both tribes. The Timorogo tribe was helped to create a new, night tour and investments have been made to optimize the existing tours. Additionally, the team creates long-term partnerships with hotels and hostels in the area.

Partner organization - Mijn Bestemming Panama Mijn Bestemming is an organisation that provides Spanish courses, volunteering work, accommodations and tours for people visiting Latin America. Their goal is to provide a mixed package of learning, working and travelling. Via this organisation, the team came in contact with the tribes and