* Important: For this ski trip, the terms and conditions of Skifest apply, Aureus is only the intermediary. 

** If the Dutch government gives a negative travel advice (orange or red) within 2 weeks before departure, Skifest will fully refund the money paid.

*** For a minimum of 28 euros and a maximum of 38 euros you can get an ALL Risk cancellation insurance which ensures that you get 75% of cancellation costs back paid to Skifest. This is highly recommended by the Aureus Board because of the rapidly changing measurements in France.

**** It is possible to change the booking owner to another person on the waiting list of Aureus for free. This is also possible in case of a non-valid covid safety pass. Note: when you are aware of the fact that your covid safety pass is not valid anymore, according to the France government (e.g booster vaccination or Janssen), make sure to let us know as soon as possible. The possibility to change to another booking owner is limited to 2 weeks prior to the trip. Otherwise the following conditions are applicable:

Note: If you want to cancel the trip with Skifest and you don’t have an All Risk cancellation insurance, or could not find someone to take your spot, these are the cancellation conditions of Skifest.