GDP Update #2: The grand auction!

“Do I hear €175? The lady in the red dress bids €150! Who can outbid her?” It was a chilly, but nevertheless sunny day in April. Nothing extraordinary, except for the activities of the Graduates Development Program team: weeks of preparation came down to this very day – auction day! For weeks the team had been working non-stop in anticipation of this red circled day on the calendar. As our main fundraising event, the auction was nothing less than of vital importance in our journey to Swaziland this summer. Therefore, the stakes were higher than ever, but our determination to succeed may even have exceeded this. Let us guide you through a spectacular night and its preparation!

Of course, auctions need products to auction. so Marije instructed the team to call a broad array of companies for products they might wanted to sponsor. Some members already had some experience in cold calling, but to others it was a new experience. Understandably, the nerves were cracking and the first few calls didn’t exactly go as planned. But after a while, the first few started to have success, followed by others who already got their first big products. Supported by each other, products kept flowing in our direction and we were right on target. Companies seemed really willing to donate something for our cause! Furthermore, hosting two hundred guest and providing them with an unforgettable night requires some great planning beforehand. Besides products, things like drinks, food, photos, music, decoration, and less obvious services like methods of payments had to be fixed.

As all things came together and auction day was getting closer, the nervesstarted to make way for pure excitement. It was about to happen: an awesome night in which we would excel in everything we had worked so hard for! “But what are we going to raise? Will we reach our target?” These thoughts were stuck in our head and made us realise the importance of working hard on the auction day itself. It took us an entire day to decorate and prepare the Oranjekerk for the big night. In a race against the clock, the team was fighting and pushing to get everything ready. The result was nothing short of magnificent: a beautifully decorated church, with two bars, beautiful VIP-tables, jazzy background music, and last but not least a handsome GDP-team, dressed in colourful red dresses and sexy suits.

At seven o’clock the first guest arrived and the moment was there: four hours to make everyone happy and raise funds for our beautiful cause. Everyone was focused, determined, and excited to ace this night. The first drinks were served, coins were purchased, and some had a peek at the product table. Then the auction took off: “Do I hear €175? The lady in the red dress bids €150! Who can outbid her?” One after the other, amazing bids were made and everyone seemed to have a blast! As the night progressed, Cézanne touched everyone with her sweet voice and guest decided to test their luck by buying lottery tickets.

How exciting is it to host an event like this! On behalf of the entire GDP-team we would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this unforgettable night. To all our sponsors, loving guests, volunteers, and partners: we couldn’t have done it without you guys!

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