Fun things to do during lockdown in Amsterdam

We’re back in lockdown, sadly. Pubs and restaurants are closing early, making nighttime outings impossible for the time being. But don’t be disappointed; there are plenty of other things to do in Amsterdam without any restrictions!

Go for a nice walk

During this pandemic, it is very important to be fit and healthy. This way you reduce your chances of getting very sick when you catch the virus. Also, a walk (alone or with a ‘walking buddy’) is good for your mental health. It reduces stress, which is especially important now that the exams are approaching. Some nice areas to go for a walk are:

  • Amsterdamse Bos
  • Vondelpark 
  • Het vliegenbos

Activities during daytime

Many activities you could do before the lockdown in the evening, are also perfect for in the afternoon. Go for lunch at a restaurant instead of dinner, or drink a few beers with some friends at 4 o’clock. Just look at the bright side, it’s a perfect idea if you hate hangovers! It’s also important to support your local favorite café or dining spot! Just pay them some visits during this hard time, when they’re losing a lot of customers.

Street Art routes

In Amsterdam, you see graffiti nearly around every corner. But did you know that there are special routes where you can see beautiful street art? Perfect for a day with art, without a face mask! You have 4 different routes in 4 different parts of Amsterdam. Go on the bike, or on your feet and enjoy the beautiful street art! To see where you have to be, check the map on:

Escape room or bowling

Want to do something with a group inside? Go for an escape room or go bowling! Escape rooms and bowling are very popular at this moment, and super fun to do with a few friends. Amsterdam has a lot of these fun game rooms and the best thing, they’re open during this pandemic! 

Christmas activities

Feeling festive for the holidays? Go ice skating with your pals on the Museumplein at Ice*Amsterdam. One of the most delightful skating rinks in Holland is located on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. The skating rink is a great place for newbies to learn to skate, but skilled skaters, feel free to show off your talents! ​​You can also  go to the Christmas Market on Museumplein to shop for Christmas decorations, eat and drink at many different chalets and food trucks! It is the perfect place for a jolly holiday activity.

And of course, you are always welcome in our Aureus rooms on the VU. Come make a cheese sandwich, grab a free coffee or simply join us for a good laugh. We would certainly like to hang out with you!