Fun places to go in the Netherlands

The exams are almost over and the summer holidays can nearly start! Of course, we hope that the exams went well and that you finished them with a good result. Because you will probably have more free time in the near future, you will also be able to go out and explore the surroundings. In this blog, we will give you some recommended and fun places in the Netherlands you could go to. Of course, we want to emphasize to everyone that you keep 1.5 meters distance from each other, also outside.


Are you a fan of walking? Then this place is really something for you. With a total area of 91,200 hectares, the Veluwe is the largest continuous nature reserve in Europe. The Veluwe is located in the province of Gelderland and is more than just a large natural reserve. It consists of two main national parks, The Hoge Veluwe National Park and National Park Veluwezoom, and also a few smaller reserves. Every reserve has its own amazing experience!

Wadden Islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog)

The unique landscape of the Wadden region has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. What makes the Wadden region very beautiful are the wide beaches, where you can get a breath of fresh air, the cozy villages and the friendly atmosphere. In addition, this area offers long bike rides through the dunes and the islands have nice terraces. These are a number of factors that make the Wadden region a very nice destination. They can be reached by boat and you have the impression to be in a foreign country for a little while. How cool is it to go to an island for a couple of days and boost the holiday feeling?


It is not surprising that this place is called the ‘Dutch Venice’. Why is this the case? Because the idyllic Giethoorn is a painting of water and bridges. The village is connected by canals and bridges, and therefore the main means of transport here is a boat, canoe, or sloop. In Giethoorn you can enjoy nature, the delicious food in one of the cozy restaurants, or rent your own boat.


With its canals and associated buildings, Leiden looks a bit like Amsterdam. And in terms of history, this city is certainly not inferior. The city of discoveries is worth discovering! This city, with a treasure trove of well-preserved history, nice shops, and delicious restaurants contains a very beautiful city center with many canals. The number of tourists is also a lot lower than in Amsterdam. The city is definitely worth a visit and is recommended as a very nice day out.


One last city in this blog that is definitely worth a visit is Nijmegen. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands and offers a rich history. From the Romans to Charlemagne and the Second World War, you will discover the fascinating history of a city walk. In addition, the city also has a lot of current entertainment to offer. Visit the vineyards, museums, and places of interest, enjoy culture and theatre and shop in the small boutiques.

If you didn’t know how to have fun in the Netherlands, that’s not the case anymore. Our country has an incredible number of nice places where you might not know it. So, have a nice day out! If you need any more suggestions, look here.