Everything about Inhouse Days

Whether you are a first-year bachelor or a master student, it is very important to focus on your future career.  Aureus organizes many different events for you to help you learn more about different companies. Especially in-house days are very informative. They can help you find out what you are interested in and what kind of company you might see yourself in a few years. If you don’t yet know exactly what an in-house day entails, read on because everything will be explained!

In general 

An in-house day offers you the opportunity to get to know a company in one day. For a student, it is the opportunity to learn a lot about an organization in a short period of time. The program often consists of presentations, cases, informal get-togethers, and/or a tour of the office. For the organization, it is the intention to get in contact with future employees. An in-house day offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with the employees and get answers to all your questions about the organization. This will give you a good impression of the atmosphere and culture within the organization. Even in today’s online environment, an in-house day is still possible! Cases, presentations can still be given by companies online and they are also still very eager to answer all your questions. 

Why you should visit companies

One of the most important things about an in-house day is that you expand your network. Many studies have shown that more than half of all employees have found a job by using their network. In addition, recruiters are often present on in-house days. During the in-house day, it is important that you stand out in a positive way, so that you may later have an advantage when applying for a job at the company in question. By participating in several in-house days, you can get a better impression of the type of company in which you would like to work later. This allows you to compare the atmospheres and cultures of different companies. 

Application process

There are often many applications for an in-house day and therefore a selection procedure takes place. As with a job application, you usually have to send your CV and a motivation letter or fill in a form on a website. The most interesting students for the company will be selected for the in-house day. So make sure that your CV and motivation fit in well with the company in question. 

Selected? What to do next. 

Before you go to the in-house day, you need to prepare yourself well by, for example, thinking about what you want to know about the company. You can do this by taking a look at the website and coming up with various questions. Make sure you stand out positively during the in-house day. By coming across enthusiastically and being aware of your own behavior, you can make the best impression. The intention is to find out as much as possible during an in-house day, so do not hesitate to talk to several employees. It is important that you stay yourself, and that you don’t exaggerate because you might stand out negatively.


We hope that you now have a better understanding of what an in-house day entails! Aureus organizes many in-house days throughout the year. In fact from the 9th till 13th of November our first career event this year: Aureus Business Week. Check out the events on our website to sign up for one of the company activities!  If you are interested in attending one, you can find the upcoming in-house days here