Master Club Marketing • Inhouse Day at Winkle

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Winkle is a fast growing market research agency with a focus on the innovation process. They work together with the world’s leading companies, such as Philips and Unilever, to spot new opportunities and pick tomorrow`s winning products.

The international agency has offices in Amsterdam, London, Sydney, Toronto and New York and invites selected MSc Marketing students to visit their Dutch office.

However, this time it will not only be a normal Inhouse Day. Winkle invites you to work with them and solve a case. The case will be about an issue that they are currently working on and they are curious to get to know your ideas and solution approaches to help them solving the issue. Thereby, you get the opportunity to get an insight into their everyday life in a short amount of time – and you will even get rewarded with a free lunch!

The day takes place on January 18 from 9:00 – 13:00. Since we can only offer a limited number of places, the selection will be based on your CV that you need to submit beforehand, latest until January 14. On January 15 we will inform you who is invited to Winkle.

Please notice that this event is only for Marketing MSc Students.