Windsurfing with Aureus

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What: Windsurfing with Aureus
Thursday,18th of June, 13:30 – 17:00 
Aureus Committees
Application Deadline: 12th of June at 12 PM
Price: €15,-

Are you tired of being stuck at home and not seeing your friends for a long time? And have you barely survived the rough, jam-packed exam week? So now is the time that we finally can go out, socialize and be active again! That is why we want to bring joy and fun back into your lives and organize a Windsurfing event where we want you to be present! So, show off your cool tricks and stunts on the 18th of June. Be quick with signing up on the 12th of June though, as there are limited spots available. You will get lessons, so don’t be afraid to join if you haven’t done it before. I can assure you, most of the Sports Committee hasn’t windsurfed before either. We look forward to seeing you at the beaches of IJburg!

Sign up on the 12th of June at 12 PM, for only €15,- Limited spots available!

See you on the beaches!

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