VUSE 2023

13 April 2023

  • When

    13 April 2023

  • Time

    22:00 - 04:00

  • Where


  • Who

    VU students & friends

The best evening of the year has finally come! We have invited some incredible artists in the last few years such as $hirak, Ronnie Flex and Bizzey, but this year we wanted to create an even bigger party. Since this is going to be the 5th and craziest edition of VUSE, we want to invite all students.

Early Bird tickets sold out extremely fast, so get your tickets down below. We are looking forward to seeing you at the best party of the year!

Don’t forget your ID card, doors will close at 00:00.

Line up

Freddy Moreira

Known for his happy vibes and enthusiasm Freddy Moreira always delivers a great show. In addition to his explosive live sets, he has created some fantastic songs collaborating with the likes of Gio and Poke. Get your tickets below to enjoy your evening with Freddy Moreira!

Lady Bee

Lady Bee is known to play on the world’s biggest stages including Tomorrowland and Valhalla. She has created music with various well-known artists such as Rochelle, I Am Aisha, and Dio. You will probably know a lot of her songs. We are super excited to have her perform at VUSE ’23!


Zwayne is known for his club nights at The Supperclub, Jimmy Woo, and more. It is hard to surpass last year (VUSE ’22), but this year will be even crazier. Zwayne is back and will turn this evening upside down!


Besides the fact that she is a real fashion icon and posts the most gorgeous photos on Instagram, she also has a great talent for music. NOA is a young and upcoming artist who already has a list of clubs she has played for. We can’t wait for her amazing show at VUSE ’23!


The upcoming artist of the year! Even though he is still pretty young, Bruinier has already blown away lots of people by showing off his skills at various parties. We can’t wait to dance to his music with all of you.

This year we have decided to change the plan a little bit. Instead of 4 ticket tiers, we will have 3 ticket tiers for you: Early birds, Regular Tickets, and Late owls. These tickets will be available for all students. This means that you can invite your friends from different universities as well!