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In this edition of the Speaker Series, Ron Simpson, the mind behind businesses such as The Avocado Show and Girls Love DJ’s, will take you on a journey through his successful entrepreneurial thinking.

When he was only a teenager, Ron discovered his own marketing formula. This way, he knew how to attract attention from any target group, which led to many successful concepts. He has worked for many different brands and established six different companies. One of which is The Avocado Show. People from all over the world are familiar with the concept. Some even camped in front of the restaurant, just to get in!

Every day still, there are people lining up in front of The Avocado Show. The opening video of the restaurant got an astonishing 212 million views. There were 70 franchise requests. And to top it all off, an Avocado Show book has been launched just last week.

How did he achieve all this?

Ron will tell you the secrets to his success. He will discuss how he came up with great ideas turned them into a reality, and made a profitable business out of them.

Entrepreneurship will be key during this session, as well as marketing techniques. Ron will start with talking about his successful start-ups and his motivations behind it, especially highlighting the Avocado Show. Next, there will be an interactive part in a panel form. Naturally, there will be room for questions too, which Ron is glad to answer. Afterwards, there will be drinks and some snacks.

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, marketing or successful business models? Or are you just amazed by The Avocado Show and want to learn more about it? Make sure to sign up for this event of the Speaker Series!

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