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Speaker Series & Student Talks present: Kickstart Your Future

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**This event is open to ALL students and graduates from Amsterdam**

On the 8th of December, Speaker Series is organising an event together with Student Talks on the theme ‘Kickstart Your Future’. Selected students and graduates will visit our university to provide the audience with an interesting insight into the lives and minds of the young professionals that they are.

Student Talks
Student Talks is an organisation that organises events by and for students all over the world, from Europe to Asia, from the States to Scandinavia, and now here at the VU. They live by the motto; Share to Inspire, and do this by giving young talents a stage to share their ideas and experiences with an audience. By teaming up with Student Talks we not only focus on how the older generation can inspire us with what they have achieved in life, but also how speakers from our own generation can achieve this goal.

The speakers that have been selected for this event are known for being the brightest and most driven people of their class and division. The speakers make up a very diverse group, including very recent graduates, long-time graduates and even current students. Some students are in fact top graduates from the VU, however, it goes far beyond only our university. A number of them are from different universities and even futuristic education institutes situated in Amsterdam. They have put their ideas into action by founding businesses and NGOs, helping organisations innovate and more. In addition, all of them are experienced public speakers, and so know how to get their message across and inspire their audience!

If you are ready to be inspired, then grasp this opportunity now and register to save your seat for this event!

Date: Friday December 8th, 2017
Time: 15:45 – 19:30
Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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