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Next up: Speaker Series with Michael van Praag

Are you one of the 17 million coaches, who knows all about soccer, but prefers to spectate from the comfort of your own couch? Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes of every big soccer event? Or how much organizationis actually necessary so your favorite soccer club can win their matches? Then we have the perfect event for you!

Michael van Praag started off as chairman of AFC Ajax (1989-2003), after being a referee in amateur soccer leagues in the Netherlands. Currently he is the director of KNVB and Vice-President of UEFA. On the 25th of September he is coming to the VU to tell you all about his career!
While running for the FIFA presidency, from which he redrew, in 2015, he stated: “I’m very worried about the deteriorating situation at FIFA. The public opinion, the trustwothiness, is very bad, and with me a lot of people in the world believe so.” A clear sign that van Praag has a strong opinion about the current corrupt culture.
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◔Monday September 25th | 3:30-5:00 PM
◉Agora hall, VU Main Building