Speaker Series • Yuri Sebregts

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What: Speaker Series • Yuri Sebregts Chief Technology Officer Shell
 May 09, 2019 – 15:30-17:30
Where: VU
Who: Bachelor & Master Students
Application Deadline: May 07, 2019 at 23:59

In this new edition of the Speaker Series we are happy to announce the presence of a very interesting speaker: Yuri Sebregts, the Chief Technology Officer of Shell.

Always wondered what it is like to be a CTO of a company that is a world leader in its own business branch? Yuri Sebregts started his journey at the Leiden University where he completed his MSc in chemistry before joining Shell in 1991. Nowadays, he leads a global Technology organization of more than 3.000 people from which several teams are based in Shell’s major technology centres in Houston, Bangalore, and off course Amsterdam.

Yuri is responsible for Shell’s technology strategy and new technology development, as well as external technology commercialization activities. Besides, he is a board member of the MIT Energy Initiative and Amsterdam Economic Board.

With the latest developments regarding energy, we are very interested in how Shell will use its resources and technology to innovate and keep its position as a world leader. Make sure to sign up for this event of the Speaker Series! The application deadline is the 7th of May. The event is free for all SBE students, CV is not required.

*Due to our no-show policy, we require you to fill in your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). In case of no-show, we will collect €20,- from your account.