Sinterklaas drink • 2020

28 November 2019

  • When

    28 November 2019

What: Aureus Sinterklaas drink
When: Thursday, November 28 2019
Who: All Aureus Committee Members
Where: Tante Roosje, Rembrandtplein

The next drink is already coming up!

Saint Nicholas is almost back in town, so of course, we have to celebrate this Dutch tradition in the club! :tada: We will do this at Tante Roosje on the 28th of November… a night to not forget for every member. Be sure to be on time! The first 100 beers are free and you don’t want to miss our rhyme :smirk: Also, do you want to earn something sweet? Then put your shoe, with a short poem inside, in the rooms to get a treat (between Wednesday, Nov 20-Friday Nov 23) :chocolate_bar: Getting in the mood for the night, a small teaser of our poem:

We’re going full steam ahead, so hold on tight
And get ready for this fun night!
Sint knows you can’t wait for our poem verses
We really hope no one curses
Because there might be some crazy things in there
And you really have to beware
Cause the Sint and his Petes see all
You wouldn’t want your reputation to fall
All the way down the drain
So let’s send Sint back to Spain
But not before we drink the night away
So come on over and get a tray

Hope to see you on Thursday 28th!

Sweet greetings,
Internal Events Committee