Mental Wellness training

12 March 2021

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    12 March 2021

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What: Mental Wellness Training
Where: Online via zoom
When: March 12th 4:00 pm
Who: Everyone

Hi guys!

Are you excited about another workshop from the MC HRM S&O? This time we have organized an online wellness workshop. How is this relevant you ask? Surveys have shown that the majority of the students are struggled with motivation and suffer from anxiety and loneliness during the pandemic as the result of working/studying from home. The lack of social interactions also affects our mental health negatively and makes it more difficult to stay positive and productive during the difficult time.

This workshop is designed to help to develop effective strategies to deal with the challenges from working/studying from home and improve your well-being. Our trainer Daniel Zarvel has more than 20 years of experience of teaching mental wellness training to organizations such ABN AMRO Bank, Achmea, Unilever, Shell, Delta Lloyd, PWC, Philips, McKinsey & Company, Police, Rabobank and the Dutch national police. We are lucky to have such an expert willing to help out and giving us the opportunity to host this workshop.

You can find out more about Daniel at his website

Sign up now and join us on March 12 to improve your productivity and mental health!