Master STREEM Barbecue

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What? Master STREEM Barbecue
 The Tuinzaal, at the WN building on VU campus
When? Thursday July 11th, 6pm
Who? Master STREEM Students
Price? € 10,-

Summer is here! Days are longer, classes are over, the weather is getting better, holiday destinations are longing. But here you are, staring at a computer screen, going crazy over beta coefficients which are negative when they should have been positive. P-values are terrible and computer programs are crashing. Interviews seem like they lasted ten days instead of an hour when you transcribe them. On top of that, there’s the sadness over your student life coming towards an end. And all of that because you wanted to become an economist and your parents thought that would get you a decent job, while you could have just become a Bondi Beach bartender or lifeguard. You can’t seem to catch a break…

Wrong! Because on Thursday July 11th, the STREEM master club will host our very first end-of-the-year summer barbecue! We would love for the whole master program (including teachers) to be there, so we can all spend one last evening together before we go off into the world. It will be a moment to reflect on a successful year, to look forward to the paths we will be taking and, of course, to enjoy lots of food and drinks. We will fire up the grill and cook, together with you. Both meat and vegetarian options will be available. In addition, we will make sure there is music and there are games to play, so you can show off your beer pong skills while enjoying a hamburger. Need we say more? See you there!

Please fill in the web form, so we can make an estimation of how many people will be present and what kind of food you would like. The deadline for signing up is July 9th.