How to retire sooner: Investment training

13 May 2022

  • When

    13 May 2022

  • Time

    15:15 - 17:15

  • Where

    Barbara Strozzilaan 310, 1083 HN Amsterdam

  • Who

    All students

💰 How to retire sooner: investment training 💰

“Part of the investment of the future trajectory”

As the opportunities in the global capital markets are open to everyone, you could have the ability to turn your future dreams into reality. Saxo Bank is an international bank specialised in online trading and investment across global financial markets. It has over 800,000 clients worldwide and attained profits of €100 million in 2021 alone 📊

It offers a very large assortment of investing products to choose from and has numerous in-house experts that can help beginners & advanced investors with their market research.

We have provided multiple investment training sessions aimed at the more advanced investors, but we have now arranged this training together with Saxo Bank to teach people who find it difficult to start investing and beginners all the basics to successfully kick-start your investment journey📈. Saxo Bank will touch upon numerous investing opportunities, and after the training you will be able to build your own investment portfolio.

Aureus Academy Investment Training

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