Global Financial Markets training given by the Investment Academy

9 February 2021

  • When

    9 February 2021

What: Global Financial Markets training given by the Investment Academy
When: Tuesday 9th of February, 17:30-20:30
Where: Online, you will be sent a link to participate
Who: Bachelor and Master students of SBE
Application deadline: 8th of February, 23:45
Price: Free

When signing up for at least 2 training sessions you will have a chance to win a Thuisbezorgd voucher worth €10!

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About Global Financial Markets

Global financial markets can be any marketplace where securities are being exchanged. Think of the stock market, bond market or the derivatives market. The Investment academy is giving you a training that has a program consisting of four parts:

  1. The structure of financial markets and its impact on investment strategies.
  2. An eight-step action plan on how to trade financial markets.
  3. The disrupting nature of human behavior in trading financial securities.
  4. An overview of financial markets and the prospects for the three months ahead.

As you can see this training will be learning you some new things and you might get some nice investing advice for the near future!

About the Investment Academy

The Investment Academy B.V. is an independent and unbiased learning boutique, created and directed by internationally recognized experienced entrepreneurs and investment professionals with an extensive experience in delivering bespoke solutions for Dutch and international Finance & Investment companies and institutes.

Investment Academy stands for investing in one’s own future. The Investment Academy strongly believes that the sharing of knowledge is the real power and they see education together with certification as a way of life!

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