Gala 2021

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What: Gala 2021
When: 26st of February (signup deadline 17th of February)
Where: In small groups at different places in Amsterdam
Who: Committee members of Aureus ONLY
Price: 7,50 euro

Hey guys,

The time has come for the annual Aureus Gala! On the 26th of February the Gala will take place. Although we won’t be able to celebrate the dinner all together, it will not be any less fun. There will be a very lovely dinner coming your way. Besides that we will take care of good and fun entertainment! You will have dinner at someones house from the group you will be paired to. The size of the group depends on the government guidelines. With signing up, you can give your preferences for a group but you definitely don’t have to. Please let us with signing up know if it would be possible to host a group at your home, this must be in Amsterdam. It will only cost you 7.50 euros. We guarantee you it will be worth it.

Make sure to sign up before the 17th of February. More information and updates will follow soon in the Whatsapp group chat.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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