Entrepreneurial investment training given by Peak Capital

23 February 2021

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    23 February 2021

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What: Entrepreneurial investment training given by Peak Capital
When: Tuesday 23rd of February, 16:00-18:00
Where: Online, you will be sent a link to participate
Who: Bachelor and Master students of SBE
Application deadline: 22nd of February, 23:45
Price: Free

When signing up for at least 2 training sessions you will have a chance to win a Thuisbezorgd voucher worth €10! 

Are you ambitious and willing to make a good start preparing your upcoming career? Then you should consider signing up for the Aureus Academy! Here you can attend trainings where representatives of interesting companies will inform you on how you can develop the professional skills you need for your upcoming career. 

About Entrepreneurial investment

Investing can be done in many different ways,and entrepreneurial investment is one of them. In this case entrepreneurs invest in companies to help grow the companies and eventually make profits. If you want to know some more about the company giving you a training on Entrepreneurial Investment, read on!

About Peak Capital

Peak Capital is an European venture capital firm which provides smart capital and pro-active hands-on support to fast-growing highly-scalable marketplaces, SaaS or data startups. They are founded and financed by experienced entrepreneurs and are successful investors.

There is no better way of learning how to invest than learning from the very companies that invest for a living themselves. Peak Capital is founded and financed by entrepreneurs and is here to learn you a thing or two on investing!

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